Spot the Dalmatian

Thank you so much for supporting our fundraiser for The Trussell Trust!

We are so grateful to you for purchasing your Spot hand puppet, thank you so much! 


We sold 22 puppets at £12 each and have donated the entire amount that we received to The Trussell Trust rather than just the proceeds. £264 has been donated on your behalf. The Trussell Trust support food banks up and down the UK and they’ve noticed a he increase in the demand for their service during lockdown, you can find our more about what they do on their website


The class to accompany your puppet was recorded live and a copy of the recording is below. 


Safety first – whenever you are playing with your little one please make sure that they are in eye sight and arms reach at all times, never leave them unsupervised with a toy (or with Spot!) at any time. Please be baby led, your baby’s capacity to play will depend on a lot of different factors each day, some we can help manage and some we can’t. Things like how hungry, when they slept, what they are wearing, whether their are teething they are to how bright a room is and how stimulated they are have an affect on your baby’s concentration. Being baby led in your approach is the best way to help them manage this. 

Spot the dog fundraising class for The Trussell Trust

In our class we focus on visual development, we track visually and track a noise, feel lots of different textures, work on our co-ordination and learn about where our bodies are in space! 


For the class, you will need


– Spot hand puppet

– Single colour toy

– music instrument or shaker toy

– two small toys that your little one can hold that are different textures

Thanks again for your support, we really appreciate it!