Summer sessions

Spend the summer with us!

We are on a mission to support you to support your little one’s development and we’ve popped together a summer package for you to access our online resources, trainings and classes over the holidays


2 month access to our members club for just £30

The members club is our online sensory development platform 

The members club is our online home. We’ve packed it full of trainings, classes and resources for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and you are so welcome to dive into over the holidays!


There is so much content loaded and ready for you. 


On your dashboard you’ll find


for our babies


– new sensory development classes each week that you can do live with us or at a time that suits you. 

Each week we have a different theme and we’ll explain lots about why we are doing each activity 

and the benefits to your little one


– trainings on topics including – first aid, dietitian led weaning trainings, baby massage, sensory 

development, motor skills development, sleep, wellbeing and post natal recovery


– access to our activities library


– our award winning 5 day sensory course for babies

for our toddlers



– new play packs each month which include age appropriate activities for your toddler that you 

can do at home at a time that works with you


– trainings on topics like – motor skills development, sensory play, dietitian led nutrition training, 

play schemas, teacher led mark making training, settling into nursery, shoe fitting and first aid. 


– access to our activities library


– our award winning 5 day sensory course for toddlers and preschoolers

for our preschoolers



– new preschool play packs and printable resources for themed play at home e.g. shops, under the sea, 

teddy bears picnic



– trainings on topics like – phonics, mark making, motor skills development, messy play, 

settling into preschool nursery, first aid, play schemas and early communication skills training coming soon


– access to our activities library


– Q&A sessions and opportunities to connect with our community


– our award winning 5 day sensory course for toddlers and preschoolers

Behind the scenes in our members club

Access to all of our classes, trainings and printables!

We have loaded hundreds of pounds worth of content onto our members club for you which you can access during your time with us, our sensory course is sold for £30 on its own!


Our summer pass gives you two month’s in our members club from when you join. This is a one off payment rather than a monthly subscription with us and you can access all of the content while you are a member with us. 


It is an amazing resource and we are delighted to share it with you! 


Come and join us to play during the summer, we’d love to welcome you along, if you are signed up to in person classes with us do message us for a discount code!