What is occupational therapy?

We are very proud that our classes are evidence based and have been developed by health professionals. Our roots are in occupational therapy with our founder being an honours degree qualified occupational therapist with postgraduate qualifications in health & social care, sensory development and baby brain development.

But what is occupational therapy and why does it matter to a baby class?

An occupational therapist is a health professional in the same way that a physiotherapist or speech therapist is. They work in a variety of settings from schools to hospitals and social work departments. Their main focus is functional ability.

Occupational therapists support people to develop new skills and adjust to new roles through providing meaningful and purposeful activities.

In our babies we do this through play! We help our little one’s integrate their senses, develop their motor skills and build relationships with those around them. We want to provide you with lots of support and evidence based information through our class programme and our learning library

For our new parents it is all about support and helping you to adjust to your new role. We are all about building our community so that you have a tribe of new parents around you to support you on your parenting journey.

We are here to help so do let us know in class if you have any questions about baby development we can help with!