5 reasons why play is amazing for your baby

We speak a lot through our sessions about why play is important for babies, how to start with play, what you can do and what activities are beneficial so we thought we’d start a little guide to get you started.


Here are five reasons why play is important for your baby


  1. Play is amazing for brain development. Playing in a sensory rich way helps your little one engage their senses make lots of new brain connections and new neural pathways in their brain.

  2. Repeating activities through play makes those brain connections stronger. Every motor skill that we get is done through lots of repetition, learning through play keeps things interesting and fun while they learn lots of new skills.

  3. It helps you bond with your baby. Doing activities with your little one helps you bond with your baby, understand their cues and become more responsive in your parenting. Help their communication skills, preferences, inviting you to play

  4. Play is how we learn to move in space – body scheme, body awareness, and it is really important for motor control – sitting, standing, crawling, tummy time

  5. Play helps your baby integrate their developing senses, we all have eight senses which are working all the time to give us lots of information about our environment around us and how we are moving in it. Play is an amazing way of helping your little one learn to use their senses, your baby has an inbuilt need to learn!

If you would like any advice about playing with your baby, we’d love to welcome you along to play at any of our sessions. You can book your complimentary trial online for our sessions.