workshops, trainings and classes

Our mission is to support your baby’s development we run lots of courses and workshops to help!

how to play with your baby workshop

All of our trainings are currently being delivered online

how to play with your baby workshop

we run our free one hour workshop a couple of times a month. In our workshop we talk baby brains, sensory development and give you some activities that you can do at home with your baby

motor skills workshop


In our motor skills workshop we talk you through tummy time, rolling, sitting practice, balance, crawling, standing, cruising & walking! 

getting started with sensory play course

Over 5 days we talk you through sensory development, baby brains, play patterns, stimulating your baby, our favourite toys, motor skills and we include 3 play sessions and lots of opportunities for questions. 

What our participants have said….


‘that was absolutely brilliant, thank you, so informative’ Gina



‘amazing thank you so much!’ Georgina



‘thank you very much – I can’t wait to try these out once I have an awake baby!’ Lisa



‘Thank you very much, this has been brilliant, so informative – i’ve learnt so much from this!’ Katie



‘This has been very insightful, useful and interesting. Looking forward to trying all these activities out and will be investigating the website. Thanks very much Lorna ‘ Sarah



‘This was such a great session I have learned so much thank you. I am looking forward to seeing more of what you offer.’ Anne