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business support and coaching for class based businesses

Running and growing a class based business involves a lot of moving parts. From venues to your programme, managing your systems to teams, resources to attracting new customers there is a lot to do! And it is an incredible journey! 


Over the last 8 years we’ve built our class based business from 1 class of 6 babies to supporting nearly 35,000 new parents through our classes, courses and programmes and we’d love to help you grow your business. 



We have developed the coaching support that we would have loved in the early years of our business!

6 month business coaching package

Starting with a strategy session where we look at the goals and vision for your business we put in place a roadmap to help you achieve your goals to develop and grow your amazing business


We’ve helped our coaching clients


– develop their programme and class plans

– put systems into their business

– build their audience full of their ideal client

– design their website

– book more venues, run more classes and increase their revenue

– develop their marketing plans

– content marketing

– optimise their sales systems

– train their team

– nurture their clients and build a community


we tailor our support around what you need and your business goals.



We start a six month coaching programme with a 2 hour strategy session where we start with your vision for your business, work on developing your business goals, look at the financials and work out how to support your business growth. 


During this session we develop a map to take you from where you are to where you want to be. From developing this map we support you to work out the steps you are going to take to work on your business to make the difference. 


After the strategy session we have 6 monthly sessions where we work on your business and the topics of these depend on your goals. These calls are for up to 2 hours to help you work towards your business goals. We’ll help facilitate your goals so you can fast track based on our experience. 

Our coaching will support your business development and will support you to do the work to grow your business! 

we'll give you access to tools, templates and trainings

we can tailor a package to support your business by giving you access to additional trainings on topics like 

– sensory development training, 

– baby and child development training

– marketing workshops, 

– audience building, 

– marketing support

delivered online so we can fit in with your schedule

we can schedule our zoom coaching calls at a time that works for you, daytime, evenings and weekends and recorded trainings will be uploaded to your own exclusive dashboard. 


Zoom calls are all scheduled ahead so we are able to set goals and work for you to do between our sessions. 

We have spaces to join our coaching programme in May 2024!

special bonus - build your class based business

Launching in Spring 2024 is our new collaboration – build your class based business our new membership where we talk all things classes. From programme development through to all things marketing we have an amazing model to support you with growing your audience and building your classes. 


We’re going to send you an invitation to join our membership when it opens and give you access for 6 months. 

what our clients say

can we answer any questions for you?

We start in March 2024 so that our programme is completed in time for your Autumn term. We’ll do our strategy call first and make a plan of how to use our coaching time based on your business goals. Two weeks later we’ll start our monthly calls so you can make big moves on your business growth.

Everything will be recorded and uploaded onto your dashboard page, we’ll put any additional resources, tools and templates on your dashboard page

Absolutely, we can work through coaching with a team. We would ask that each call has the same people attending for consistency. 

Absolutely, all of our business development content is suitable for class based businesses or service based businesses who want to grow and scale

Absolutely, that is the amazing benefit of the content being available online, you can access it at any time. We are based in UK and we can arrange coaching calls at a time that works for both of our timezones. 

We are going to give you access to the dashboard for 12 months. If in that time we update any of our resources or add in any content, we’ll make sure that you have access to it on your dashboard. 

Absolutely! We can tailor your coaching package so if you’d like additional calls just let us know. Contact us at hello@thesensorysessions.com for further information

We are here to coach and support you and will offer you tools and templates to support your growth, the work has to come from you. This is your business, your vision and we’ll support you to create an amazing business! 

Terms and conditions

  • coaching runs from March to August 2024
  • coaching starts with a strategy call to map out your business and then six one hour prearranged coaching calls
  • calls can be cancelled with 24 hours notice, we’ll offer an opportunity to reschedule. Missed calls are not able to be rescheduled. 
  • package is non-refundable
  • you are required to work towards your goals, we’ll be there to help support you but your outcomes depend on the work you do throughout the programme.

the next steps

if you know that coaching is your next step use the pink button to sign up and we’ll be in touch to arrange your first strategy call. 


if you’d like to arrange a complimentary strategy call to chat over our coaching package please contact us at hello@thesensorysessions.com and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to chat. 


Do let us know if we can answer any questions for you!

sensory training for class providers

we are a sensory development company based in Scotland who have been delivering classes in person since 2016 and online since 2020.


In that time we have supported nearly 35,000 new parents through our trainings and our classes. We LOVE what we do and are really passionate about great quality class and play experiences for our children and we’d love to support you to build your sensory knowledge and your activity planning. 


We are multi-award winning and our course will be delivered by members of our team who deliver sessions both in person and online. You are so welcome to contact us if you have any questions that we are able to help you with on hello@thesensorysessions.com