Business coaching

Business coaching

business support and coaching for class based businesses

Running and growing a class based business involves a lot of moving parts. From venues to your programme, managing your systems to teams, resources to attracting new customers there is a lot to do! And it is an incredible journey!

We have developed the coaching package that we would have loved when we were building and growing our business!

6 month coaching package

Starting with a strategy session where we look at the goals and vision for your business we put in place a roadmap to help you achieve your goals to develop and grow your amazing business

We’ve helped our coaching clients

– develop their programme

– put systems into their business

– build their audience full of their ideal client

– design their website

– book more venues, run more classes and increase their revenue

– develop their marketing plans

– content marketing

– optimise their sales systems

– nurture their clients and build a community

we tailor our support around what you need and your business goals.


We start a six month coaching programme with a 2 hour strategy session where we start with your vision for your business, work on developing your business goals, look at the financials and work out how to support your business growth.

During this session we develop a map to take you from where you are to where you want to be. From developing this map we support you to work out the steps you are going to take to work on your business to make the difference.

After the strategy session we have 6 monthly sessions where we work on your business and the topics of these depend on your goals. We’ll help facilitate your goals so you can fast track based on our experience.

Our coaching will support your business development and will support you to do the work to grow your business!

we can tailor a package to support your business by giving you access to additional trainings on topics like

– sensory development training,

– baby and child development training

– marketing workshops,

– audience building,

– marketing support

Terms and conditions

  • coaching runs from March to August 2024
  • coaching starts with a strategy call to map out your business and then six one hour prearranged coaching calls
  • package is non-refundable
  • you are required to work towards your goals, we’ll be there to help support you but your outcomes depend on the work you do throughout the programme.

Business coaching package costs – £1200 for 6 months of support, 20% off until 1st of March £960