Frequently asked questions

Can we answer any questions for you?


we’ve popped together some of the most frequently asked questions that we get about our classes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can answer any questions that you have!

what happens at a sensory development class?

We provide you with toys and props for you to play with and show to your baby, we do a mixture of led play and exploratory play and everything is done to music! We have written a blog post on what happens at a sensory development class and we’d love to answer any questions you have.

do i need to prebook a class?

Yes please, this ensures that we know to expect you and that there is a space on a mat for you. Please visit our venues page to find your closest location and our timetable page to find your class and book your space and if it is your first time with us, we’d love to offer you a complimentary class trial.

i don’t know anyone, is it ok to come along?

Of course, you are really welcome!

A member of our team will be there to welcome you in and help you find a place on a mat. We’ll explain the class format, where everything is and that we are baby led so you are really welcome to move around during our sessions.

when should i arrive for a class?

We open our doors 5 minutes before a class starts to give you time to get settled and find a comfortable place on a mat and to give us an opportunity to set up everything beautifully for your arrival

the class i’d like to attend has a waiting list, can i still come?

Please add your name to the waiting list if your chosen venue is full and wait to hear from us. We’ll be in touch with you very soon with the options and we often increase the number of classes at a venue to address our waiting lists.

can i bring my partner, parents or friend with me?

Some of our venues are a little tight for space so it is sometimes not possible to come with a few people. Your partner is always really welcome but if you are planning on bringing others or more people please do check with us first.

what should i bring with me?

You, your baby and your change bag! We provide the mats, toys and all the props that you’ll use in class.

Your little one will feel hungry as a result of doing lots of brain development focused play so bringing with them their milk or for our toddlers a snack, is really helpful.

when is a good time to start bringing my baby along to class?

Just as soon as you are ready and are able to get up and down from the floor comfortably. We do all of our activities on the floor so please come and join us when you feel able. We know that sensory activities are suitable from birth, our littlest babies will manage part of the class before tiring,

can i feed my little one during a class?

Of course, we are breast feeding and bottle feeding friendly!

There is no judgement and we’d encourage you to attend to your little one’s needs.

i’m worried about my baby crying at a class

Please don’t worry, we really, really don’t mind!

Babies can become unsettled as they become tired or hungry so we would definitely encourage you to attend to your baby's needs during class. 

how clean is the equipment?

Very! We are obsessed. We want to create beautiful and clean spaces for you to enjoy with your baby. All of our plastic toys are sterilised between classes, fabrics are washed daily and chiffons are single use to ensure that we keep everything as clean as possible for you and your baby.

what happens at the end of a class?

We give our little one’s our calming cuddle, it helps calm their sensory systems down after lots of learning. At the end your little one will be hungrier than usual and tired so very often they’ll have a bigger feed and a longer nap. This is an amazing opportunity to grab a cuppa with some of our very lovely community of new parents!

Do let us know if you have any questions that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you!

i’ve got twins, can i still come along to class?

Of course, you are very welcome, we offer a twin discount at our classes, do get in touch for further information. Our class activities can be adapted to two babies and our class leader will be on hand to give you some assistance during class. You are welcome to bring an additional adult with you if that makes it easier.

can i bring my baby’s older sibling along to class?

The short answer is it depends! Our classes are targeted towards babies under 12 months old and we want to provide a calm environment for little ones to learn and play. If the older sibling is happy to sit, help you and play then they are very welcome.

What happens after my trial class?

We’d love to welcome you back! After your class you are welcome to let your class leader know that you’d like to book for the rest of the term and they’ll arrange it for you. We’ll also be in touch after your trial to send you a link to the rest of the term, we’d be really grateful if you could please let us know if you are coming back as we often have waiting lists for our sessions.

do you offer catch up classes if i miss a session?

We absolutely understand that things come up when you have a baby and we try to be as accommodating as possible.


Do check out our policy on catch up classes.