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Our members club welcomes hundreds of new parents along to play each week


Thanks so much for visiting our members club page, we run multi award winning sensory development classes for babies and trainings for their parents in our members club community!

What is included in the members club



–  new sensory development classes each week, recent sessions have included a teddy bear’s picnic, rainbow themed classes, superhero and shake, rattle & roll. Our sessions are presented live and the recordings made available for you to catch up with anytime


– play along sessions to focus on your baby’s sensory & motor skills


– trainings on sensory development, motor skills development, play, first aid, baby massage and sleep workshops from our health professionals and trainers.


– access to our activity printable library! 




we are here to help

we want to teach you all about baby development, sensory development and play so that we can
support you to support
your baby’s development!

About the sensory sessions

who we are and how we can help?

Hello, welcome along to our site, we’re so happy that you’re here. This is the home of the sensory sessions and we run sensory development classes for babies, online and in person when we are able!


Our multi-award winning team is led by health & education professionals and we are all about sensory play and sensory development. We’ve welcomed thousands of babies and new parents along to our sessions and we’d love to welcome you along to.

Everything we do is evidence based, baby led and fun. We want to give you lots of amazing activities you can do at home to support your baby’s development and give you classes, printables, activities and trainings that you can do at home in the comfort of your own living room. 



You’d also get to meet our amazing community of new parents, we’d love to support you in supporting your baby’s development. 

Ways we can help you in our members club

Our online classes and play along sessions

sensory development class online for babies

Each week we deliver full sensory classes and mini play along sessions that you can join us for live or you can do any session at a time that suits you by choosing a session from our library



We also deliver classes tailored to your baby’s age and stage running classes for our brand new babies, our sitters and our little ones on the move! 


trainings on sensory development, baby brains and play


online sensory baby class at homeWe deliver regular trainings and have created printables on all things baby development and play which are recorded in our library and we add new content each week

activities library



We have a whole library of activities that you can get started with and do at home



sensory classes at home with your baby

Our amazing community



come join us for coffee catch ups or ask your baby development questions in our online group, meet our amazing community of new parents online. All supporting their baby’s development and supporting each other online



baby class online

What our members are saying

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sensory development classes online

Can we answer any questions for you?

The members club costs £20 a month and includes access to all our classes, play alongs, trainings, catch ups and printables. We would love to welcome to come along to play!

Yes, but we hope you won’t! You can cancel really easily from inside your membership dashboard or by contacting us and giving us 48 hours notice and your membership will stop at your next monthly renewal. 

No, we’ll give you a kit list for a class and we make it as broad as possible so you can pick some things up from your home to come play.

Of course, sensory play is suitable from birth so you are really welcome to come join us. Our trained class leaders and health professionals will give you options in class for younger babies

Of course, you and your partner are both really welcome. We’d love you to get older siblings involved in play too, it is an amazing way for all of the family to bond with your new baby

Not at all, the sessions are geared at giving you activities that you do with your baby. We’ll suggest ways of doing the activities and show you how it is done so you then carry out the activities, just as we would in an in person sensory development class. 

Yes definitely, sensory development is really important for our babies, it is literally the foundation of how they understand the world which provides the foundation for all of their future learning. 

Sensory play is just amazing for baby brains and we are here to help and support you with evidence based sensory play activities that you can do at home to support your baby’s development. 

No, all of our trainings, classes and catch ups are included in the members club 

Of course, please email us at hello@thesensorysessions.com and we’ll be in touch with you just as soon as we can

We’d love to welcome you along live but we know that it can be tricky within timings so we record our sessions and load them onto our dashboard so you can access them at a time that works for you. 

We would love to welcome you along to play online and registration is open now!

February registration bonus 



We have an amazing bonus for you when you register in February


a space at a motor skills workshop on 12th February or 26th February and access to the resources and recording worth £15

Register for access today


We would LOVE to welcome you into our Members Club, register today to access our class recordings, timetable of live classes, our trainings, amazing community, printable library and our resources!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if we can help in any way, we’d love to welcome you along to play! 

online sensory baby class