What happens at a sensory development class?

sensory classes for babies in Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Sensory Sessions run our award winning sensory development class across venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

We’d love to tell you more about what happens in our sessions and welcome you along to play! 



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Our sessions


Our classes are 50 minutes long, the perfect amount of time for a baby, and are split into two sections, a led play session and an exploratory session. When you arrive at our classes you and your little one will be welcomed by our class leader who will help you settle in and find yourself a place on a mat. We’ll explain to you our format, the theme for our class and timings.

Our classes are all themed so you can discover classes such as under the sea, cowboy week, pet week and visual development week at our sessions and each session uses some familiar toys, to build up memory and practice skills, and some new ones too. Our sessions have been developed by our baby development specialists specially trained in sensory development with babies.

We bring all of the toys and resources to class, you just need your change bag, little one and some people like to bring a blanket to pop on our mats which you are very welcome to do. 

Class format


The first half of our class is led play, we start by doing several activities together as a group. The activities are planned at a pace suitable for little ones and we do activities that work on our little one’s body scheme, visual development, introduce lots of textures and noises. We also look at their fine and gross motor skills.

We then give our little ones that all important rest, it is a great opportunity for you to meet your little one’s needs by feeding or changing as well as having a chat with your next door neighbour. Pausing in class is really important for our little ones, it helps us pace them, lets them process everything that they have just learnt and sets them up for more learning. As we help our little ones develop their brains it is really important not to overwhelm and to give them breaks. None of us learn well by continually being taught new things, our brains appreciate breaks and down time too. 

The second half of our class is exploratory play, we set up several different areas all based around our theme and talk you through activities to do in these areas. This helps with our sensory integration as we do activities that involve using lots of our senses together.

We end our classes doing calming activities together, to calm our sensory systems down at the end of our fun learning session together.

Calm & relaxed


Our classes are all baby led, never worry about needing to feed or change, if your little one is tired or needs cuddles or you need to move around, we are completely used to it and it is not a problem for us to talk you through the activities at any point in a class. All of our equipment is cleaned between classes to ensure that it is sparkling clean for you to enjoy.

GLOW class sensory light class for babies

Join us for a class trial


We’d LOVE to welcome you along to play and you are really welcome to join us for a single class so you can see how our sessions run. You are then invited to book a term but we are able to customise bookings for you so you can book a few classes in a block or customise your booking around your return to work. 

Do get in touch if you’d like any further information or if we can answer any of your questions.