Five Days of Play Challenge Resources

We are so excited to welcome you along to five days of play! 

Thank you so much for registering for five days of play! 


We are so excited to bring you give days of play, after a couple of false starts we are excited to get going, thanks to everyone for bearing with us. 

Day one of five days of play!

Single colour play is amazing for our babies, great for helping their visual development as they see the whole toy in the same focus rather than parts of it pin sharp. It is amazing for hand to eye co-ordination, their sense of touch if we include different textures, motor planning, their posture and working two sides of their body together.Each area of their brain is used too as they use their frontal lobe for their motor functions, their parietal lobe for their touch and sensory input, occipital lobe for their vision, cerebellum for their co-ordination and temporal for their memory & auditory processing.

So much benefit from one little activity, repeat it often!


you will need


– two texture fabrics for lying out on your playspace, give them lots of opportunities to feel and touch a few different textures at the same time


– four or five toys of similar colours 


Lie your toys out in your playspace in an arc and let your little ones engage with them. 


For our tiny babies take the opportunity to show them the toy, let them feel and touch and do some toy rotation. 


For our tummy timers, pop the toys around them and totally distract them to give them lots of opportunities to feel and touch and build up their tummy time. 


For our sitters pop the toys around them in an arc and encourage them to reach and grab for them helping their balance, co-ordination and motor control, please keep them safe while they are stretching forward and doing lots of work on their dynamic balance. For our little ones who are on the move, encourage rolling, stretching and crawling to the toys by moving them further away.

We’d love to hear about your play at home so do post them in our facebook group or tag us on instagram @thesensorysessions