Five Days of Play – August 2021

Welcome to five days of play!

Starting on Wednesday 25th of August we are running five days of play, where we give you five different play ideas that you can do at home with your little one! 



For the first time we are going to be running it for our babies and for our toddlers/preschoolers. 



You are really welcome to register for 5 days of play and we’ll send you information by email on our Facebook groups and the daily activities. Please click the photo below of the age group you wish to register for. 



make sure we are on your safe senders list so that you receive the emails in your inbox – hello@thesensorysessions.com! 

Register for the baby activities

Baby registration – five days of play

Register for the toddler/preschooler activities


Toddler/preschooler registration – five days of play

We are looking forward to welcoming you along to play!