Benefits of Sensory Play

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play is amazing and it has so many benefits for our little ones!

Research has shown that it helps children build pathways in their brain that are associated with complex learning tasks and that it is crucial to brain development. So coming along to class and doing some of the activities at home are really benefiting your little one’s brain development.

sensory play EdinburghWhen we plan all of our classes we consider the eight developing senses of our babies and toddlers attending class as well as their gross motor movement and fine finger control and we make sure that at each session we give our little ones the opportunity to engage each sense. We theme our classes so you’ll find each one different within our familiar format of led play and exploratory play.

benefits of sensory play


Our classes have been developed by an occupational therapist trained in sensory integration with babies and are backed by research and evidence. Our class leaders have received intensive trainings and follow class plans.

We love to give you lots of information at class about how to continue this at home and we are looking forward to launching our range of child development printable next month that gives you lots of advice and activities to do. You also get the opportunity to join our community group to access information on our classes.

Please do get in touch if you need any further information from us!