Charity and giving is important to us and since we were founded we have supported various charity partners through our classes and events. Causes we have supported since 2016 include:

Charity Partners

The two main charities we’re supporting in 2019 are the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and Simpsons Special Care Babies.

Supporting the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (previously known as The Sick Kids Foundation) is important to us as they have supported so many of our babies when they’ve been unwell.

Simpsons Special Care Babies are a voluntary organisation who support the specialist staff at the Simpson Neonatal Unit dealing with babies born prematurely or sick, both within Edinburgh and throughout the country.

We’ll continue to run events for them such as photo shoots and babies & breakfast mornings, donating all of our proceeds to support them.  If you would like to be kept updated with any such events, please subscribe to our newsletter using the button below:

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