How to play with your baby workshop notes 23.02.22

Thank you!


Thank you so much for joining us at our ‘how to play with your baby’ workshop, we hope that you found it helpful and learnt a bit about baby brain development, sensory development and got some ideas on how to play with your baby. 


At the workshop we mentioned some information, links to toys and printables that you might find helpful, which we’ve posted on this page for you. Do let us know if you’d like any additional information or if you have any questions, we would love to help!


baby development workshop 

Pyramid of learning

The pyramid of learning was developed by occupational therapists Mary Sue Williams & Sherry Shellenberger and it informs our programme. When a baby is born, they start at the bottom of the pyramid with their brain and spinal cord. By the time they are ready for academic learning (in the UK this is the age of 5) they need to have acquired all of the skills in the pyramid to prepare them to sit down to learn.


At the very base of this pyramid is our sensory systems and that is why sensory development and sensory play is so important, it is literally the foundation of how they understand the world which provides the foundation for all of their future learning.




Do get in touch if we can answer any questions for you! 


Here you’ll find the recording from our live session and some of the videos we reference during the training. 


how to play training – recorded live 23.02.22

How newborns see the world


Rub, rub, rub....

This is an amazing little massage activity that we use in our classes and play sessions.


It is such a good way of giving your little one lots of sensory input from their skin (tactile input), helps awareness of where their body is in space using the pressure and stretch receptors in their muscle and joints (proprioceptive sensory input), helps their internal body map, while simultaneously giving information through the right and left sides of the body which is amazing for developing communication between both sides of the brain. This is a lovely brain boosting activity!


It is so easy to do, just get down on the floor beside your little one, you can do it while they are sitting or lying, on their fronts or on their backs. You can do little bits of it while they are sitting next to you, I used to do when she was sitting or lying next to me on the couch, please don’t do it on a table like I’m doing it (it was just easiest for recording the video!). Do it when your little one is relaxed and calm.


So, the video above  is a little video of my hands doing the massage, basically you give 4 sets of rubs and taps to each area of the body – feet, knees, hips, tummy, shoulders, hands and above their hairline. I like to do it to music (yellow submarine or lion sleeps tonight works well as you can keep time to the beat).


Have fun and I’d love to hear how you get on!


Click on the image below to download your copy if the printable



We have posted below some amazon links to some of our favourite toys, do check out other retailers though, sometimes there are promotions available at Boots and Tesco on links and music toys.

star finger puppet


bright starts links

zebra finger puppet

amazing baby black and white book


Links are correct at time of writing



Learning library

We have a learning library on our website which we update weekly with baby development information, you are really welcome to visit!

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Our sensory development groups

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trainings for parents by specialists on topics such as weaning for our babies and nutrition for our toddlers and preschoolers by an early years dietitian, phonics and mark making from an early years teacher, first aid, baby massage, sensory development, motor skills development and much more! 


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