Pumpkin Party 2020

Thank you so much for joining us at our pumpkin party!

We have loved welcoming you along to play this week and really appreciate your efforts with outfits, kit lists and the enthusiasm your brought to the parties. 


Below you’ll find the party recording, a copy of our playlist on amazon music and a pumpkin party pack that has some activities from today in it and some extra ones you can try too! 


Please do share your photos with us in our groups or tag us on Instagram #thesensorysessions we’d love to see them! 



A note about chiffons and the equipment provided

Everything we’ve provided you with is for an adult to use with a baby, please never leave them unsupervised with any equipment and keep your little one in eyesight and arms reach always! 


Chiffons are amazing for adding texture and for visual development, make sure they are washed before use and always inspect for stray threads. The nature of the fabric means that it will deteriorate over time, please replace or hem it if it is starting to fray. 

The party recording


For the party you will need


– a safe place to play
– your pumpkin party kit (the digital pack is below)
– a freezer or sandwich bag
– small amount of paint of any colour, white works great. Glitter can be used too if you have it.
– a music instrument or noisy toy
– a blanket, dark coloured if you have it available)
– 3-4 orange or green toys (halloween colours), things that are small and are different textures would be amazing


Please just come with what you have available if your toys are different colours or your blanket is white, it will still be perfect. Our kit lists are just suggestions.

Playlist and pumpkin activity pack

Click the image opposite to view our pumpkin activity pack, it has a couple of additional activities for you to try this weekend too. 


For a spooky playlist you are very welcome to use our pumpkin party playlist, click the link below to see it on amazon music


Pumpkin party playlist

Thanks for joining us, we've loved welcoming you along to play this week!