kindness week

kindness week

We would love to welcome you along to play!



Your friend has gifted you a 5 day pass to our class platform as part of kindness week. You are really welcome to join us to play this week! Passes are valid for our live baby development classes and our class archive for this week.


The Sensory Sessions¬†is run by health & education professionals who are specially trained in sensory play with babies. We are here to help & support you with your baby’s development through


  • sensory development classes
  • play along sessions
  • trainings on baby brains, sensory development and play
  • our printable library
  • and there are loads of opportunities to ask questions


Use the form below to register for your five day free pass! Passes expire after 5 days or by 15th of February 2021.

We hope to meet you soon!