Play in May bundle 2022

Play in May bundle 2022

May is a super exciting time in our calendar as our focus is Play in May!


Play in May is a month full of trainings, online play classes and printables and we’ve put together an amazing bundle to really help you learn all about development to help you engage your little one.

In our bundle you’ll get

  • access to our five day getting started with sensory play course for our babies where we talk baby brains, play patterns, overstimulation, setting up play spaces, visual development and our favourite toys or our toddler course on play and development that covers sensory play, play schemas, co-ordination, overwhelm, play spaces, engaging toddlers in play, resources and loose part play


  • our motor skills workshop for our babies or our toddlers


  • 4 weeks of online play classes for our babies and movers, and access to the recordings, play packs for our toddlers


  • 4 weeks of play in May printables delivered weekly, each printable contains 5 play ideas you can do at home with your little one and it gives you information on how they benefit your little one


  • Q&A calls and bonus trainings


We really want to support you to support your little one’s development and we are really excited about the play in May bundle. You can join now for just £35, the cost of our course is £30 alone so this is an amazing package deal. If you are currently attending our in person classes, please do contact us for a discount code. Doors are open until Sunday 1st of May with our programme starting on the 2nd of May.

Visit our website to sign up, we’d love to welcome you along!