Zoo themed – limited edition sensory box

Zoo themed – limited edition sensory box

We love our zoo themed sensory box!

zoo themed sensory box


We’ve chosen some of the most popular toys from our in person sessions and packaged them together for you to enjoy amazing sensory play opportunities at home.


The box includes

  • 8 toys specially chosen by our sensory play experts
  • a link to our website that lots of suggestions on how to use your new resources to help your baby’s sensory skills
  • some printables online to extend the opportunities to play
  • access to a live session taking you through the toysanswering your questions and delivering a play session that you can repeat, adapt and do often at home.


Boxes, class and the resources cost just £34 including postage within UK. Please contact us if you need postage elsewhere.


Boxes will be posted out within a week of the order being placed


Please note that these toys are supplied as resources that an adult uses with a baby in play, little ones should be kept in eye sight and arms reach at all times when playing and never left unsupervised with toys at any time.