Sensory Course

Welcome along to our sensory play course!



In our five day course we delivered five sessions that cover –


– How to get started with sensory play

– Why it is important and our eight senses

– Motor skills and positioning

– Laying out play spaces

– Play patterns

– How to ensure that you are not overstimulating your baby

– Our favourite toys to support development

– Access to printables and activities that you can do at home too




Timetable for recorded sessions

Each morning we’ll post new recordings on our dashboard below


Monday – our 8 senses, baby brains and a play session

Tuesday – play spaces, play patterns, led play and exploratory play

Wednesday – inside our toy box, visual development and introducing textures into play

Thursday – baby states

Friday – motor skills workshop delivered live at 10am, recording will be posted when available


Live play sessions and trainings 


Week Beginning 16th January – cowboy week

Monday 23rd January

10.00am – play along – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84771224687

You will need 

– star, contrast card or contact toy

– chiffon or scarf

– music toy


Tuesday 24th January

10.30am – sensory class (led play and exploratory play)– https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85753451878

You will need 

– black and white toy, book, contrast card or image

– single colour red, yellow or orange toy

– white fabric, blanket or towel

– two music toys

– three toys that are different textures 


Our kit lists are just for guidance, please come along to play with anything you have available! 

Session one - introduction, our 8 senses and baby brain development

Session two - play spaces, play patterns, led play and exploratory play

Session three - inside our toy box, visual development and textures

Session four - baby states

Session five - motor skills workshop

A great video about visual development

How Newborns See The World

Here's how newborns see the world.

Gepostet von Seeker am Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Printable library

Contrast cards

Do let us know if we can help in any way - hello@thesensorysessions.com