Sensory School January 2023

Welcome along to sensory school! 


Welcome to sensory school!

Sensory school is our online course for practitioners, childcare professionals and class providers, anyone who provides care or activities for little ones under 5 years of age who would like sensory development knowledge to support development! 

Over four weeks we deliver

4 modules with content delivered live and recorded, Q&A sessions, programme development information and resources to support development. 


module one – foundation – brain development and sensory learning and our eight senses


module two – motor skills development


module three – overwhelm & calming strategies, textures


module four – programme development, sensory environments, resources and planning your activities


We start on Monday 16th of January and run for four weeks, each participant will have access to a dashboard where a weekly timetable will be uploaded and content will be uploaded each week.


We have printables, workbooks, resources and recordings all available online to help you plan your activities in a way that benefit sensory development. 

welcome to sensory school


It is week four in our content and our recordings will be going live this week on programme development, sensory environments, resources and planning your activities.

All of our participants get the opportunity for a 30 minute zoom call with our team to discuss our sensory development and class planning, do contact us at hello@thesensorysessions.com to schedule your call. 

week one - the foundation to our course - sensory learning and brain development

Week two - motor skills development

Motor skills development for little ones from birth through to walking

Motor skills development for our toddlers and preschoolers

week three - stimulation and overstimulation, textures and toddlers!

Week four - programme development and planning your activities, sensory environments, resources and behind the scenes in a class

Bonus content

Additional resources

A great video about visual development

How Newborns See The World

Here's how newborns see the world.

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Printable library

Do let us know if we can help in any way - hello@thesensorysessions.com