Single Colour Playspaces

Single Colour Playspaces

single colour playspace

Single colour play is amazing for your baby’s development. It is not just great for visual development, our baby’s see the whole toy in the same level of focus, it is great for their co-ordination, fine finger control and their visual development too as they work out what is in the foreground and what is in the background. Reds and yellows are great colours to start with, colours that our little ones see in focus first, but choosing different colours and doing this often is amazing too!

Dig around your toy box and dig out some toys that are the same colour. In our play spaces here we’ve themed them blue, yellow and red but your area can be any colour. This helps our little ones work on their visual discrimination skills, seeing the same colour on the same background is a challenge and one that we should introduce them to often.

We’ve purposefully chosen toys that feel different or that we hold different so we are also developing hand to eye co-ordination and their fine motor skills too. There are balls that squish, toys to shake and star links in our area which is a challenging hold for little hands. We’ve a post dedicated to star links coming very soon. We’ve thought about the backgrounds we’ve used to match our toys and have used net, towel and fleece as a backdrop.

We would love to see your single colour spaces, it is a great way to engage your little one and use it while they are lying, sitting and it is an amazing opportunity to do some tummy time too! Do post your images in our facebook group, we’d love to see your photos!


Safety first – as always please ensure that your little ones are supervised at all times when you are playing and keep them in eye sight and arms reach at all times.