Thanks for joining our play along session

It was lovely to welcome you along to play! 

We hope that you enjoyed our little play along session if you managed to join us live and if you’d like to catch up with the session the recording is below!

This recording will be available for the next 7 days so do check it out and let us know how you get on!

The activity pattern in our session today…..


1. rub, rub, rub – massage activity

2. chiffon, muslin cloth, face cloth – visual development activity

3. music toy

4. tracking activity

5. tummy time

6. calming cuddle


You will need – 


– safe space for your baby to play

– chiffon, muslin cloth, face cloth

– music toy 

– small toy


How this play session helped


This session helps our baby’s sense of touch, balance, proprioception (knowing where their body is in space), their sense of hearing and their visual development. 


It helps them use both sides of their body (and their brain!), helps them do some motor planning, use their fine & gross motor skills, helps them screen input, work on their body scheme, work on their visual spatial skills, develop their hand-eye co-ordination and it requires them to adjust their posture and positioning while attending to their play tasks. 


It also helps develop connections in every area of their brain

– frontal lobe for their motor functions

– parietal lobe is processing their sensory input and the amazing textures we gave them to hold and touch

– their temporal lobe is responsible for their hearing, auditory processing and their memory

– their occipital lobe is doing all their visual processing, recognition and visual discrimination skills

– their cerebellum is responsible for their balance, co-ordination and knowing where their body is in space.


So one little session can have such amazing benefits! 


Thanks for coming along to play! 

We'd love you to stay connected with us

We have a couple of ways that you can stay in touch with us. We have a free baby development group on facebook where we post some baby development activities, printables and some advice for new parents during lockdown. 



If you enjoyed the session and would like more from us we also have our members club, this is our online baby development platform run by our health & education professionals. 



Each month we…



– run baby development classes each themed – teddy bear’s picnic, shake rattle & roll & mini music makers

– run play along sessions 

– run classes for our different developmental stages – brand new baby, sitter and movers

– deliver trainings

– arrange coffee catch ups

– and you’d have access to our library of printables on development and play.



Membership costs £20 a month (£5 a week) after a 7 day free trial and we’d love to welcome you along to play! Click the button below for more information and to register. 

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