Toy Gift Guide

Just a few toy suggestions….

We get asked a lot for suggestions of toys for for little ones and we’ve popped together some of our favourite toys that we use regularly during our sessions. They range from some small gifts through to some larger toys. We’ve also tried to pop in some information on how the resources benefit your baby’s development. 



We’ve popped in brands and toys that we are really familiar with and are loved by the little ones who came to our in person sessions. There are lots of other manufactures of similar toys, and lots of the toys are available in different textures, please do your research to choose the toy best to suit your needs. 



We’ve linked each toy photo to amazon for ease, but please do shop around, to ensure that you are getting the best price. Lots of these are available second hand too.




Safety first always!



Always keep your baby in eye sight and arms reach at all times. Some of the toys are recommended for independent play with an older child, for younger babies please ensure that they are supervised by an adult at all times.

Smaller toys & books

Bright starts star links are one of our favourite toys for so many reasons! They are amazing for co-ordination, hand function, tracking and visual development

Early learning centre star links, a construction toy that your baby can grow into, but are amazing for developing motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination

O ball is a great toy for tracking, co-ordination and we love popping chiffons and scarves through ours to promote finger isolation and grip.

Nuby lots a loops toy is a teething and rattling toy which is easy to hold and is helpful for hand function too. 

The puppet company star finger puppet is one of the most popular toys we use in sessions, one that our little ones can see in focus





Fisher price stacking and roll cups are amazing for two handed play, co-ordination and we love ones that your little one can learn to balance and can be used in messy play

Amazing baby make beautiful black and white books in lots of different textures 

My first hand puppets by the puppet company, gorgeous textures and amazing details for visual development

Usbourne books – that’s not my range. There are lots of books in the range we love them because of their repetitive speech patterns and added textures



Munchkin farm bath toys we use them  in play and messy play too. They are all different shapes and amazing for fine motor control and co-ordination

Bright starts tummy time mirror, amazing for distracting your little one during tummy time and using it to prop things against! 

Melissa and Doug make amazing wooden toys, they have lots of single colour stacking ones 

Fisher price butterfly shape sorter is always a popular toy in classes, great for hand function, visual development with the single colour shapes, co-ordination as our little ones start to do motor planning. The shapes are amazing for stamping into play dough! 

Galt soft fabric blocks, lots of  great images on them for visual development, they have different themes on their sides, are light to hold and touch, amazing for two handed play and are machine washable.

Halilit make lovely music toys, we love this collection as the ocean drum and ring my bell are two of our favourites!

larger toys

Happy hopperz feature in our sessions often, for little ones with full head control we can support them around their core to bounce. Our toddlers developing their dynamic balance love to jump on them. Lots of different designs available





Fisher price jungle playmat we love this playmate as the toys that are attached are of amazing quality and it is so easy to wash. We often use a plainer blanket on the mat to create different textures and aid concentration by reducing the visual stimulation.

Wheely bugz are very popular in sessions, our little ones with head control can be sat on it and rolled gently backwards and forwards. Over time once they have their balance and their feet can touch the ground they can be more independent moving it around. They are fun toys, loved by our little ones but they are small and can be short lived if your baby is tall. 

pop up ball pools are amazing to add some balls into, one layer for babies under one so they get lots of information from the floor about their body position. They are great for containing toys and creating texture themed play spaces. 

Vtech walkers, push walkers are the only ones we’d recommend for a baby’s motor skills. The vtech ones come with brakes and have detachable activity boards

Le Toy Van Wooden activity gym, we love to use these with our tiny babies, they are collapsible and you can easily change the toys suspending to give your baby different toys to look at 

Fisher price giraffe sit me up seat can be a helpful sitting aid for little ones with head control that don’t yet have their balance. It has a higher back, doesn’t fix little ones at their hips and encourages better posture than seats that are harder positioning devices. Folds flat too. 

Activity tables can be really helpful for our little ones who are starting to practice their balance and are standing. It helps with static and dynamic balance and encourages some side stepping around the activities. Best used with our crawlers who are ready to practice their balance. 





Pikler triangles and arches are  investment toys that your little one can engage with from being on the move throughout their preschool years. They are adaptable and can be purchased in separate components and altered to help your little one’s gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination. Triclimb make beautiful ones

Our sensory boxes


We have some themed sensory boxes that we have created that include a mixture of toys we love. They make amazing gifts and we are delighted to offer you 10% off boxes for a limited time, use code box10 at checkout. We have a code available for our members too, please contact us for information. 

We have three themes – under the sea, zoo and woodland collections

Each sensory box includes 8 resources, postage within UK and access to video resources or a class using your themed toys. 

To use the discount code box10 please click on ‘have a coupon’ just above the card symbols on the check out page, this must be done at purchase and can’t be applied after purchase. 

Boxes will be posted within 10 days of order

Thanks for checking out our guide



We hope that you’ve found it helpful. Please remember play isn’t about more stuff but it can be helpful to have a few go to pieces that help support your baby’s development. 



Where we’ve provided links to products on amazon, please check the reputation of the amazon seller you purchase from. Amazon may compensate us for sending traffic to their site, this has not affected the products we have recommended in any way. Everything on this page are toys that we use and love.