Tummy Time Training

We are on a mission……

to help you support your baby with their motor development! We are going to do this through lots of trainings, classes and support! 



We honestly believe that with support every baby can do tummy time, we’ve seen this with the thousands of babies that we welcome along in person each month. We get that it can be stressful, as parents, we have been there but by being baby led and responsive you can absolutely help your baby build up their tummy time skills. 


tummy time

so why is tummy time so important

Tummy time t is great for your baby’s development. It is amazing for helping to strengthen their body, helps them lose some of the reflexes they are born with and is so important for their motor skills.  It is really important for all of their muscle strength and their fine motor skills, not just their head, neck and shoulder strength so it is really important to do it often, several times a day, to help our babies improve their motor skills. 


Some babies find it a challenge, they are lifting the heaviest part of their body up against gravity so it is hard work. Being really responsive during tummy time is so important, never let it become a stressful time for you or your baby, little and often several times a day is an amazing way to start.

Tummy time training 06.04.21

tummy time printable



click the image below for your copy of our tummy time printable with lots of activity ideas for getting started with tummy time. 

How to stay connected with us


 Our sensory development groups

Baby Development Group



We have a free sensory development group on facebook you are really welcome to join. In there we pop in with an activity of the week and monthly we run a play along session. It is a little pop up group to offer some activity ideas and support.   



 The Members Club

The members club is our hub for all things baby development, sensory development & play! We have developed an online baby development platform where our members and team hang out


Each month we run



-sensory development classes online delivered by our occupational therapist and trained class leaders, we run classes suitable for all babies and ones tailored to your baby’s development needs too

-play along sessions which are recorded so you can catch up at a time that suits

-trainings on sensory development, play and baby brains, baby massage and first aid!

-access to our activities library with lots of printables on sensory development and activities that you can do  at home too. 

-our exclusive facebook members community


Trainings are really important to us, as we love supporting new parents.


In our hub you’ll find sensory trainings, motor skills information, a full baby massage course, a first aid course, weaning workshops from a dietitian, wellness sessions and trainings from a sleep consultant providing us with contact around routines, daytime sleep, and naps


We are delighted to offer you two bonuses for joining us this month, an invitation to attend our motor skills workshop on Friday 9th April or Friday 23rd April and access the recording after the workshop (worth £15) and access to our April training package – information coming soon!