Weaning and Nutrition Courses

Our dietitian led training on weaning and nutrition

Are you a new parent navigating the exciting journey of introducing solid foods to your little one?


We get asked a lot of questions about weaning and nutrition in our groups and have two amazing sets of trainings from an early years dietitian all about introducing food to your tiny little people which we have put together in an amazing bundle for you. 


This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make this milestone transition smooth, enjoyable, and nourishing for your baby through their early years

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About Our Weaning Course


Led by a Specialist Early Years Dietitian, our weaning and nutrition courses offers expertise and insight into the weaning stage. From our course you’ll get – 


Expert Guidance: Developed by a Specialist Early Years Dietitian with extensive experience in pediatric nutrition and child development, our course provides expert insights and evidence-based strategies to help you navigate the weaning process with confidence.


Practical Strategies: Benefit from the unique perspective of a Specialist Early Years Dietitian as we offer practical, tailored strategies for Baby-Led Weaning and Traditional Spoon-Feeding Techniques, ensuring you find the method that best suits your baby’s needs and your family’s lifestyle.


Nutritional Essentials: Gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s nutritional needs and learn how to incorporate a variety of nutrient-rich foods into their diet, guided by the expertise of a qualified dietitian dedicated to promoting optimal health and wellbeing in early childhood.

For our babies



– a three part dietitian led weaning training series that covers 

    – why the weaning process is important

    – laying down foundations for lifelong health eating

    – embracing and understanding family mealtimes

    – helping to prevent future fussy eating

    – the sensory experience of food

    – meeting nutritional needs

    – why starting at around six months is not only better physiologically but easier for parents too

    – signs that baby is ready to start weaning

    – traditional and baby led weaning and 

    – top tips for your weaning journey!


for our toddlers and preschoolers


a four part dietitian led weaning training series that covers 

    – laying the foundations of a healthy relationship with food

    – self regulation

    – family mealtimes

    – division of responsibility

    – meal patterns and structure

    – working balance across meals

    – family mealtimes and family style dining

    – reducing stress at mealtimes

    – interacting with food 

    – length of mealtimes and routines around mealtimes 

    – screen time at meals

    – mindful meals

    – having your child at the right height at the table

    – balance of foods    – fluids and fluid rich foods

    – snacks

    – portion sizes

    – eating variety of foods

    – nutrients

    – supplements


bonus content 


amazing bonus – First Aid Course: Additionally, you’ll receive access to our first aid course, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge to handle common first aid situations 


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