Why it is amazing to turn your newborn’s head

baby sensory development

One of the first tips that we give parents of our newborns we see in our sessions is to turn their head. It is a really helpful tip and so helpful for your baby.

When your little one is born, their neck can’t yet support the heaviest part of their body and their head falls to one side. It is a few months before they’ll have the strength and control to hold their head straight (we call it in the midline) and until then your little one needs your help to ensure that their head is supported but also that they experience their head position in both directions. The danger is that if your little one’s head falls to one side that the muscles on the opposite side of their neck lengthen and the ones on the side they turn to shorten causing stiffness and torticollis. They can also develop a flat spot on their head where they lie.

So please help your baby by turning their head, place a hand on both sides of their head and gently turn their head for them. When they are lying, sleeping, in tummy time, in a carrier or car seat, turn their head. Once they are able to do this themselves you are able to leave them to it but in the meantime, please turn your baby’s head, it is massively beneficial!