Your first class

sensory play for babiesWe are really looking forward to welcoming you along to your first sensory development class with us and wanted to share some information that some of our parents have told us it has been helpful to know.

Our classes are all about sensory development

When your baby is born the areas in their brain that process sensory information are not yet connected so we play in a sensory rich way which helps them integrate their developing senses through play. We’ll share lots of information on baby development with you and give you an opportunity to meet our amazing community of new parents.

Our class plans are written by an occupational therapist who is trained in sensory development and we also have education professionals on our team too so you are in the very best hands!

When do I arrive?

We open the doors to our classes 5 minutes before our class time. Our classes involve lots of set up and toys so we are busy making things clean and beautiful for you before you come in and some of our turn arounds are pretty tight so please wait for us to be ready for you, we’ll open the door as soon as we can.

We’ll be there to welcome you in and help get you settled on a mat!

What happens at class

We play (a lot!) we have written a blog post on what happens at a sensory development class which you might find helpful too. Our classes are split into led play and exploratory play, both are really important for our little ones and everything we do is based around a theme. While each class has a balance of introducing new experiences and essential repetition for brain development you’ll experience really fun themes every week.

Can we come back after our trial?

We’d love to have you back! After your class we’ll send you a link through our booking system inviting you to book the rest of the term, just click on this link and your place is secured. If we don’t hear back from you, we’ll offer places to our waiting list.

We are here to help

Do let us know if we can answer any questions for you, we’d love to welcome you along to play!