10 ways to introduce textures to your baby

sensory play classes for babies and toddlersIntroducing textures into play is amazing for our little one’s brain development, it gives them early exposure to the multi texture environment we live in and can help avoid sensitivities in later life. Here are 10 ideas on how you can add texture into play at home.

1. Look for multi texture toys

lamzee make lovely ones that have different fabrics and textures, they are chunky toys so do make sure that you have some smaller toys that encourage fine finger control

2. Books 

books are available in lots of textures from paper to board and fabric to pvc. ‘That’s not my’ books include a different texture on each page.

3. No mess painting

is an easy way for your little one to play with a soft texture without risk of it being eaten

4. Use your links

links are one of our favourite toys, for their single colour and texture, loop chiffons or muslins through them to make a two texture toy.

5. Create a themed play space

taking 3 or 4 toys around a theme and have a great conversation with your little one around the toys.

6. Consider the fabrics

that your little one is lying on. Add towels, fleece blankets, chiffon or cotton so they can feel different textures under them.

7. Ballpool with a single layer of balls

and some fabric toys in it, helps our little ones feel where their body is in space while engaging with the different textures.

8. For our weaning babies

add a spoonful of yogurt or cool soup onto their high chair tray to allow them to touch, feel and play with it.

9. Messy play

for our little one’s edible messy play is most appropriate as they will try and pop it in their mouths. Consider blitzing bread, making edible sand, letting them play with jelly & custard, letting them play with soup and bread. There are messy play ideas on our blog including how to make play dough, cloud dough, colour pasta and make sand.

10. Add different textures into bath time

 consider squeezing toys by munchkin, bowls, mesh and fabric bath toys. The fabric and mesh toys feel different wet and dry so give your little one opportunity to feel the different textures.

free baby development printable

We have popped all of these tips in a printable for you, please click the image below to download your copy

Have lots and lots of fun. Introducing textures to your little one is really helping to build their brain so they are prepared for the multi texture environment that we live in.

safety first

As always safety first – supervise your little one during any play. Keep them in eye sight and arms reach at all times.