Baby Group Currie

Baby Group Currie


The Sensory Sessions baby group Currie

On a Thursday morning we run our baby group in Currie at the Gibson Craig Halls, Currie Kirk on Lanark Road.   Our sensory development classes have been designed to help your little one’s development and are written by an occupational therapist trained in sensory development with babies.  Our mission is to provide you with lovely, clean play spaces, opportunities to learn about development, play & bond with your baby and meet some lovely people in our classes!

The classes are baby led, fun, colourful and follow a different theme each week.  To find out more about what happens in our sensory play classes, we’ve put together a little blog post which explains these in more detail so you know what to expect when you come along for the first time.  We also have a page which helps answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Classes can be booked by visiting our booking site and complimentary trial classes are available if you’ve not been to our classes before. You are really welcome to join our classes at any point in our term subject to spaces being available and please do let us know if you have any questions we can help with.

We’d love to welcome you along to our baby group in Currie!