Coaching dashboard – Lisa

welcome to your business coaching dashboard Lisa!

we are delighted to support you to develop your business with our coaching and can’t wait to get started. On this dashboard we’ll be posting our timetable, session recordings and links to any resources so it’ll get completed and updated during your time with us. Please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@thesensorysessions.com if you need any help or support. 

Coaching questionnaire

Our introductory questionnaire really helps give us some background information on your business and helps you start to think about the goals for your business. It’ll help us create the roadmap for helping you develop your class based business. 

schedule and plan

March 2024

Strategy session (2 hours) – Wednesday 13th March 1pm GMT, 9pm for Lisa

monthly call (completion of strategy session) – Thursday 28th March 12.30pm GMT, 8.30pm for Lisa 

April 2024

monthly call – Thursday 25th April 10am BST, 5pm for Lisa

May 2024

monthly call – Thursday 16th May 9am BST, 4pm for Lisa

bonus marketing call – Thursday 30th May 12.30pm BST, 7.30pm for Lisa

June 2024

monthly call – Thursday 20th June 12pm – postponed to July

July 2024

June’s monthly call – Thursday 18th July 12pm BST, 7pm for Lisa – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85076878138

monthly call – TBC

Lisa’s goals

course access

session recordings

printables and resources

power point slides

Links and systems 

Selling to Nurseries – Cerys Keneally


Cerys Keneally is an expert at teaching class providers all about approaching schools and nurseries, she runs a couple of free challenges each year to promote her course. Visit her website to get her free printable https://ceryskeneally.com/


Music playlists 

We use amazon music to share play lists between our class leaders and look for music that has a free licence within the UK, it is definitely worth checking the licensing requirements for your area. Great music providers include – kids now, kidzone and twinkle, twinkle little rockstar. We theme our playlists around our class theme and create a play list for each session, once created you only need to pop back to check that the songs are still available, having some extra ones on your playlist can be helpful. 
Examples of playlists 


Trello is a really helpful (and free) tool for communicating as a team. We have boards for each of our class building themes (venues, equipment, class leaders and customers) and we are able to share these boards with the team members involved in each area. We love it because it is so visual and we can have conversations on the platform, we are able to archive conversations so that we can keep records and we use checklists in our recruitment and training dashboards. There are lots of other packages to help support your organisation including Monday.com and asana.  Convertkit is a great email management tool. It manages our automations, welcome sequences, booking onto workshops and newsletters. We are able to ‘tag’ customers so we know the products they’ve purchased and give them content relevant to the location, age or stage of their little ones. 


Convertkit is a great email management tool. It manages our automations, welcome sequences, booking onto workshops and newsletters. We are able to ‘tag’ customers so we know the products they’ve purchased and give them content relevant to the location, age or stage of their little ones. They have a monthly subscription for email lists over 1000 emails but it is free to that point to experiment with setting up some email automations. 

Class4kids – customer management database

We use class4kids as our customer database. The video below was recorded for our team training dashboard to give an introduction to the system and show behind the scenes, this is the system that we’ve used for over 8 years and we find it really helpful. There are other systems available so it is worth touring some different options. If you are considering signing up, do let us know as we can refer which reduces your monthly cost. 

photos and videos of class set ups

Photos from subscription boxes and resources we have sold at classes

When we were running our sensory subscription box we would send resources out each month in a box. Each box came with a recording of how to use the resources and a second recording which was a sensory class. We also put the safety information sheets below into the boxes. 

Recordings from our under the sea box

online class recordings

play along rainbow 



Today our play was around a sensory basket. 

We worked on our visual skills, tracking skills, 

motor skills and felt lots of textures


You will need
– box, basket or fabric bag
– 1 music toy
– 2 single colour toys
– 2 colourful toys
– fabric or blanket to use under the toys

printables and resources

sensory development class rainbow themed

In class we have done some repetition of our skills from motor skills week and earlier this week while using some different toys and music, repetition being really important for baby brain development. We worked on our gross motor skills, fine motor skills, tracked visually, read a book, worked on our listening and communication skills (babies exposed to early reading and books having a better vocabulary) we felt lots of textures, listened to some new songs, giving our babies lots of information on where their bodies are in space, two handed play (bilateral co-ordination), isolated (using one hand) and our older ones holding worked on holding two toys at the same time
and done some led play and exploratory play together.

You will need
– two chiffons or scarves or two textured toy
– book
– music toy
– 2 different textured fabrics

– 3-4 toys – including larger toy to hold in two hands, two smaller toys any rainbow inspired toys.

list building – how to play with your baby

How to play with your baby is our main list builder. We run a free one hour workshop once a month, more often if needed, and in exchange for someone joining our list they get a free workshop that covers sensory development, baby brains and play. 


We start with posts on our Facebook page, share this post to our Facebook groups and a Facebook event post on our page

These all link to a page on our website (always driving traffic through our website) where we give more information on the webinar, a little outline of what is covered, feedback from previous participants and a link to register. This link takes them to a convert kit form. 

Once they register there is an automation on convert kit which adds a tag (we use the workshop abbreviation and date to keep it easy so for this one it was htp 25.04.25) to their email address which tells us what they have registered for which is really important to track addresses and so you can send relevant offers and information out to your audience. Once they have received the tag they then receive an automation of emails about the workshop. They receive an email immediately, one the day before and one the hour before the workshop, the second two emails are similar one just refers to the workshop happening tomorrow and the second that the workshop is happening in an hour

Ince the workshop has happened, the next day they get an email with a link to the website where there is a copy of the recording and some resources that I’ve spoken about at the workshop. They have access to this page for 7 days as I want to create an urgency to interact with us. 

list building – printable

we have printables available through our website that we promote on a regular basis. The process is very similar to the process above. 


We start with posting on Facebook/instagram with information on the printable. This gives information on the printable and a link to our website. They again complete a convert kit form to pop their email address in, get a tag that has the name of the printable in so we know what they’ve been sent, and they get sent an email with a link to their download. Once you’ve set up your first automation, you can just copy it for any other printables you are sharing and once you’ve created your first printable you just need to duplicate the format and change the content to create more. Creating something once can continually help you build your list! 

The members club

we have a members club on our website which is a paid for subscription service where our subscribers can access development information for little ones from birth to five years. This has been a source of recurring revenue for the business which has been really beneficial. 


We have developed pathways for different ages and stages so that our subscribers know what to expect at the different stages from the membership. 


we have visiting experts, regular Q&A sessions, run sensory classes and have themed play packs. 

The members club is hosted on our website, accessed by password which gets our members through to their dashboard where they are able to access their content.