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Welcome along to sensory school! 


Welcome to sensory school!

Sensory school is our online course for practitioners, childcare professionals and class providers, anyone who provides care or activities for little ones under 5 years of age who would like sensory development knowledge to support development! 

Our four modules cover

4 modules with content delivered live and recorded, Q&A sessions, programme development information and resources to support development. 


module one – foundation – brain development and sensory learning and our eight senses

module two – motor skills development

module three – overwhelm and calming strategies, textures

module four – programme development, sensory environments, resources and planning your activities


We have printables, workbooks, resources and recordings all available online to help you plan your activities in a way that benefit sensory development. 

welcome to sensory school

We are delighted to have you here! 


In the modules below we have pulled together the training we give our team and lots of bonus content to help you incorporate sensory activities in your programme. We have hours of training and we have laid it out to start by giving you the foundation of sensory development and brain development, then building on this with motor skills development, giving you tactics to help our little ones in module three, before supporting you with your programme development and taking you behind the scenes in module four. Please do start with the foundation first, it will really help you make sense of the content coming! 


We wanted to add some bonus material in for you too, so we’ve included training from our primary teacher Lisa on mark making and an additional training on play schemas. We have plans to add to this bonus section too, so do check back! We’ve also included some additional links, printables and advice sheets to help you get your programme set up. 


Use the buttons below to access all the training videos, we’d LOVE to hear how you get on! 

course modules

foundation module

motor skills development

overwhelm, calming & textures

planning your activities

additional trainings, printables & links

arrange your call with our team

All of our participants get the opportunity for a 30 minute zoom call with our team to discuss our sensory development and class planning, do contact us at hello@thesensorysessions.com to schedule your call. 



do let us know if we can help in any way!