Rainbow themed printable

Thanks so much for requesting our rainbow printable!

We have put together 5 rainbow inspired activities that you can try with your baby. 

We hope that you find it helpful and have lots of fun playing with your little one. 

These play ideas don’t need to be done in order or on consecutive days, they are play suggestions that you can jump into and our health professionals have given you some background information on how each activity supports your baby’s development. 

Click the image below to download your copy.

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We have a free sensory development group on facebook you are really welcome to join. In there we pop in with an activity of the week and monthly we run a play along session. It is a little pop up group while we are all in isolation and we’ll be in to offer some activity ideas and support.  


Members Club


The members club is our hub for all things baby development, sensory development & play! We have developed an online baby development platform where our members and team hang out


Each month we run


-sensory development classes online delivered by our occupational therapist and trained class leaders, we run classes suitable for all babies and ones tailored to your baby’s development needs too


-play along sessions which are recorded so you can catch up at a time that suits

-coffee catch ups where you can meet others and ask any questions you have

-trainings on sensory development, play and baby brains

-access to our activities library with lots of printables on sensory development and activities that you can do  at home too. 

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sensory development class online for babies

we offer a 7 day free trial to the members club and we would love to welcome you online to play! 


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