Sensory Basket

Sensory Basket


sensory basketWe love sensory baskets and they are such a great way to interact with your baby at home. A sensory basket is a collection of items which stimulate the developing senses of your little one all collected together, it is our go to toy box at home and our little one loves hers.

Sensory baskets are great as they offer ‘hands on’ sensory experiences helping your baby’s develop fine motor skills, tactile discrimination, visual acuity and focus, concentration, independence and it is an amazing source of learning. We change the items in our basket regularly to ensure that she continues to be interested in the content of the basket. We love giving our basket a theme, recent ones have been Easter and mono colour and we’ll share with you some of our baskets over the coming months.

It is worth saying that some of the items are not toys and are for tactile purposes only and as with all activities carried out with babies they should be within eyesight and arms reach to keep them safe.

sensory basket

We try to make sure that the items in the basket feel different, make differing noises, are colourful, different shapes and textures. You can use the activities when baby is lying, in tummy time or in sitting.

It is such an interactive way to play with your baby!