baby group Glenrothes

baby group Glenrothes

Baby Group Glenrothes

We’re really pleased to be bringing our baby group to Glenrothes next week.  All our classes have been designed to help your little one’s development and are written by an occupational therapist who is trained in sensory development with babies.

In choosing our new locations, we are keen to find lovely play spaces where we can hold our classes.  We wish to provide you with  opportunities to learn about development, play & bond with your baby and meet lots of other mums and dads during these sessions.

The classes are all baby led, fun, colourful and follow a different theme each week.  To find out more about what happens in our sensory play classes you can find out more information by checking out this blog post or our frequently asked questions page.

We are also keen to help our lovely parents with ideas and activities for sensory development and play with their little ones at home.  We have put together a library of tips and play ideas and would love you to read through these.  We hope you find them useful and help you engage with your baby.

Classes can now be booked by visiting our booking site and complimentary trial classes are available. You are really welcome to join our classes at any point in our term subject to spaces being available.  Please do let us know if you have any questions we can help with.

We’d love to welcome you along to our baby group in Glenrothes!