baby group Stockbridge

baby group Stockbridge

The Sensory Sessions baby group Stockbridge

Our baby group in Stockbridge meets in the George Young Hall within the Lifecare Centre on Wednesday afternoons.

Our sensory development classes are aimed at babies from birth to 12 months old and run for 50 minutes at a time (with a short break about half way through to give you time to feed or change your little one if needed).  This amount of time is perfect for allowing your baby to experience new sights, sounds and textures without becoming over-stimulated, which helps their brains to process all this new information.  Play is an amazing way to help your baby’s brain develop – we’ve written a short blog post about this which we hope you enjoy!

Classes can be booked by visiting our booking site and complimentary trial classes are available for anyone who hasn’t been to our classes before.  You are really welcome to join our classes at any point in our term subject to spaces being available and we’ve put together some additional information about what happens in a class so you know what to expect when you arrive!

Please do let us know if you have any questions we can help with and we’d love to welcome you along to our baby group in Stockbridge!