Baby Group Falkirk

Baby Group Falkirk


The Sensory Sessions baby group Falkirk

We are delighted to announce that our sensory development classes and baby group in Falkirk will be starting in September 2019 with classes for babies up to a year of age being held in the St Francis Xavier’s Church on Hope Street on Tuesdays at 10am.

Our baby development classes are fun, colourful and follow a different theme each week.  The classes are also completely baby-led so you are welcome to feed or change your little one, or move around for your own comfort during the class.

The classes have been written and planned by an occupational therapist trained in sensory development for babies.  To find out more about what happens in our play classes you can find out more information by checking out this blog post.

You can book our sensory development classes through our booking site and, if you’ve not been to our classes before, we’d love to welcome you along for a complimentary trial.

We look forward to welcoming you along to play at our baby group in Falkirk!