Baby Group Boroughmuir

Baby Group Boroughmuir

The Sensory Sessions baby group Boroughmuir

Our baby group meets in Boroughmuir Sports Club on Fridays at 10am and 11.10am and these sensory play classes classes are suitable for little ones from birth to 12 months old.

Our classes are baby led, fun, colourful and follow a different theme each week.   Our class plans have been written by an occupational therapist with a specialism in baby development, using evidence-based activities to help your little one as they grow.  For a more detailed description of what happens in a class, please check out this blog post.

Our sessions run for 50 minutes at a time, with a short break about half-way through.  This amount of time is perfect to allow your little one to experience new sights, sounds and textures and to then process these new experiences.  We’ve put together some information on your baby’s senses which helps explain a little more about what is happening and how our classes can help in their development.

Classes can be booked by visiting our booking site and complimentary trial classes are available. You are really welcome to join our classes at any point in our term subject to spaces being available and please do let us know if you have any questions we can help with.

We’d love to welcome you along to our baby group in Boroughmuir!